Add power to your charity fundraising
platform with Ripple

Ripple works side by side with your systems to optimise, accelerate
and improve your donor’s experience.

Would you like your fund raising
to ripple further?

Add power to your charity fundraising platform with Ripple

Ripple delivers a streamlined level of operational support to lift

your fundraising performance to a higher level.

Building faith and confidence in your fundraising

Ripple brings you assurance that the journey for donors is being processed safely and securely, to ensure a positive all-round experience.

Better donor experience = better results

By delivering a tailored donor experience, you increase the likelihood a donor will repeat their support and attach future intentions to it.

Lighten the load on your team

Ripple enables fit-for-purpose, automated tools that match your end-to-end needs, smoothing out your team's daily tasks and processes.

Ripple focuses on your fundraising success

Successful fundraising is all about getting the right information to the right people at the right time - from internal governance through to external auditors.

Ripple is for charities

Our team has lengthy experience working alongside charities. We know how donation cycles work and we'll be with you at every step of the way to lift your fundraising potential.

Maintaining the focus on donors

By providing the best possible donor experience, Ripple enhances your reputation: reducing delays, improving communication flow and reinforcing donor engagement.

A trusted partner from campaign launch to landing

Want to know how Ripple fits into your team?

What some of clients have to say about us

A partner that’s truly committed to helping us achieve our strategic goals.
Ripple brings to life a seamless experience for our customers and donors. The Ripple team challenges our thinking and the status quo, they are quick to bring clever ideas and innovation to the table, and they work with nimbleness and agility.

Alison Wheatley-Mahon, heart foundation

Head of fundraising and partnerships

The Ripple team are personable, proactive, responsive and reliable.
Coastguard have benefited greatly from the Ripple team’s business intelligence and solutions-based approach to our challenges. We look forward with confidence to working with Ripple on future projects.

Jo Cowie, coastguard


We think of Ripple as being part of “us”, rather than a separate team.
The Ripple team’s support and care for TaxGift and our platform has been fantastic, we think of them as being part of “us”, rather than a separate team. It’s also a huge benefit that they know the charity landscape inside out, this just makes everything happen faster at every level.

Hannah Andrews

Founder & CEO

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